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The Perfect Beginning

The first 30 seconds are key. The Audience knows immediately if the presentation will be life-changing and interesting or if they should stay on their phones. If the beginning is perfect - everything else will be easy.

The Power of Body Language

7% are the Words
38% your tone of Voice
55% Body Language and Emotional Transference.
Learn how to get your message accross.

How to stay Calm and Relax

Famous Actors and Singers get nervous! The difference: They have professional Training to calm the nervs under stress and perform at their best. You can apply the same tools to your next presentation/

How to End on a High Note

Align your Personal Brand with the Overall Goal of the Presentation, the Content you choose is Critical to the Overall Success of your Presentation and the final moment, which is what your audience will most remember
Next Live Event in Miami September 23rd 6pm - 9pm
Topic: "How to quickly prepare and masterfully perform the Perfect Presentation
Date: Monday September 23rd 2019 6pm - 9pm
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Place: Miami Acting Studio, 125 NW 23rd Street, Wynwood
Description:  In this Master Class we'll cover how to engage your Audience with an Emotional and Motivating Presentation. You can use these techniques to effortless create a Presentation, Relax and feel confident about your Presentation, and even get Hands-on Experience and a lot or Practical Tips!
Heck, I even show you How to keep the Audience in Suspense with one Simple Trick!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll answer for you / cover on this incredible Master Class:
  • How to Pick the Right Message for your Presentation:
    Every Presentation has one 'shift', one 'insight', one 'overall goal' that is the reason the presentation exist.
  • The Public Speaking Persona:
    Who do you want to be as a Speaker?
  • How to quit anxiety:
    How Professional Actors and Performers deal with Stage Fright (yes, we all have it)
  • ​How to use Body Language the Right Way:
    Words: are only 7% and Voice Tone: 38% of importance. 55% of the Impact depends on Body Language
  • ​The Emotional Impact:
    How to take your audience on an emotional journey every time.
  • ​The Design of your Slides
    and how to make your Visuals correct and interesting
... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough Master Class that will finally show you:
How to quickly prepare and masterfully perform the Perfect Presentation.

Date: Monday September 23rd 2019 6pm - 9pm
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Place: Miami Acting Studio, 125 NW 23rd Street, Wynwood
Cost: Regular Price $279 Early Bird: $179
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