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Presentation Training
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Emotions are the reason why clients buy. 80% of all Sales Decisions are emotionally driven. Learn how to use Emotions as Sales Tools.

Since the 1960's Method Actors have tools  to affect the audience at will. You will learn the same tools as an Oscar winning Actor. These proven techniques work and anybody can apply them immediatly

Body Language, Emotions Transference and Presentation Strategies are part of a teachable and logical training anybody can aquire

No more anxiety, fear and stressful presentations - acting tools make 'regular' people 'outstanding'.

In communication the
Words are only: 7%
Voice Tone: 38%
Body Language : 55%

Are you using your Body Language correctly?

Join us in an exclusive 3 hour event and enrich your presentations to make more sales, position your brand and become an outstanding Speaker.

Past Clients include Top Executives from Deutsche Bank, Visa, Sales Team P&G, Movistar, Tigo, Abbott,Revlon, but also a variety of private business owners, Vloggers, Real Estate Agents and Lawyers.

The Interactive Public Speaking Course is a 3 hour event that will change the way you give presentations. The training session, open to the public is held on a Monday Night from 6:30pm - 9:30pm.

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Clients include: VISA, Abbott, P&G, Revlon, Movistar, Coca Cola, Deutsche Bank, Mastercard..
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